THE dorchiest blog on the internet?

You know how everyone is always insisting that I give my geeky tendencies a stronger online voice? And you know how great I am at following through with brand new projects? Well, the genius that I am, I decided to honor both of those points with a brand new blog!

Not unlike the rest of my life, this blog is likely to be a perpetual work-in-progress, a creative outlet/dumping ground for my thoughts, and an accurate representation of my crazy array of interests.

For starters, I love to organize. My own things, sure. But I will organize your things too. For free. I’ve even considered becoming a professional organizer, in another lifetime. (Don’t tell my future clients the thing about me doing it for free.) I believe I’ve maxed out Pinterest’s cache of org tips and tricks, but I still scour it daily, just in case. I can expertly ignore sentimental pangs of regret while purging my closet in a fit of stressrage. And I can repurpose ANY vessel.


Part of my drive to find THE perfect method of organization is firmly rooted in necessity. After years of academic excellence and ninja-level multitasking, things changed for me in college and I began experiencing incredible difficulty with finishing virtually anything. It wasn’t until years later that I stumbled across a list of common symptoms of inattentive ADD. I reached out to an ADD coach, and after regular sessions I came away with a toolbox of behavioral aides to help myself stay on track. (iPhone apps these days are amazing, you guys.) I’ve learned that if I don’t have systems in place that work for me, I will fail. I want to set myself up for success at every turn, and consistency is key. So here I am in perpetual pursuit of my own perfect solution.

(For me, this pursuit includes asking successful people what their processes are, in an attempt to cobble together a bunch of different tried-and-true tricks for myself. Imagine my joy when I came across Meg Biram’s #GSDgetshitdone column, a treasure trove of Q&A’s with women entrepreneurs, many of whom work at home like I do. Check it out HERE. She also designed her own line of killer notepads to keep on top of things. It’s taking all my strength just to wait and ask for them for my birthday. Find them HERE.)

And in case you were worried that I wouldn’t come through on the orchestra geek front, you clearly don’t know me at all.

My husband and I don’t get to travel as much as we’d like, but when we do visit a new place, one of my first orders of business is to contact any nearby major orchestras and ask for informal tours of their music libraries. It is always one of the highlights of our vacations—even for him!—and this little ritual has become a really fun collector’s item for me. Memories! New friends! Knowledge! Collect them all!

Other interests that might crop up here from time to time:



  • standup comedy
  • arts admin
  • SHOPPING (and the constant battle to fight it off in the pursuit of minimalism)
  • indoor climbing
  • SF living
  • community gardening
  • figuring out how to adult
  • Airedales >>>